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Deer Park Family Law Attorneys Provide Experienced, Compassionate and Assertive Assistance

Texas law firm handles divorces and parenting disputes

Some family issues require a legal solution and you need a skilled Texas attorney to maximize the likelihood of a favorable outcome. At The Law Office of Shelly A. Merchant, you’ll find a law firm focused on you. We listen to your concerns, explain how the law applies to your circumstances, and help you choose the best course of action. As your staunch advocates, our Deer Park, TX family law attorneys pursue your goals in a principled, professional manner. You can have confidence throughout the process as we strive to resolve your problems and secure a better future for you and your family.

Trustworthy lawyers assist with a full range of domestic matters

Our attorneys bring a wealth of experience to family law cases. We regularly assist clients in the following areas:

  • Divorce — If it’s time to dissolve your marriage, we can advise you on the process and provide a detailed strategy for going forward. Should you attempt to reach a marital settlement through negotiation or mediation? Is your situation one that requires litigation to protect your rights? A Deer Park divorce attorney at our firm can explain the pros and cons of different options and help you make the best decision. Then, we pursue your goals aggressively, so you can move ahead in a positive manner.
  • Child custody and visitation rights — Under Texas law, legal child custody is referred to as conservatorship and issues related to visitation and parenting time fall under the description “access and possession.” Although most parenting disputes arise during a divorce, post-divorce conflicts are also common. Custody issues can also present themselves following the death or incapacity of a parent. We represent parents, grandparents and others in custody and visitation disputes.
  • Child support — Financial transparency is the key to any child support dispute. We work to ensure full disclosure of income, then work toward an equitable result.
  • Distribution of marital property — Your financial future depends heavily on an appropriate disposition of your marital assets and debt under Texas’ community property law. Often, the largest asset is the family home, and the issue comes down to sale or possession by one of the spouses. We advocate for your interests during disagreements over valuation, and are dedicated to securing the result required by law.
  • Spousal support — Texas has significant restrictions as to when a dependent spouse is entitled to maintenance payments following a divorce. Whether you seeking spousal support or are being asked to pay it, you can count on us to advocate assertively on your behalf.
  • Adoption — Our firm delivers knowledgeable guidance to prospective parents looking to welcome adopted children into their homes. We handle a wide range of adoptions, making sure clients meet the necessary requirements and avoid unnecessary complications.
  • Prenuptial agreements — People who are entering into marriage rely on us to assist with prenuptial agreements. These documents can be especially useful for two-career couples, couples with disparate levels of wealth, and second marriages. We negotiate and draft prenups and postnuptial agreements to ensure they will hold up to court scrutiny.
  • Name changes — After an adoption, marriage or divorce, or for any reason personal to you, we can assist with a legal name change.
  • Modifications and enforcement — If you have an existing court order for child custody, child support or alimony, and the terms are no longer appropriate given a change in circumstances, you may have grounds to petition the court for a modification. On the other hand, if a party who is subject to a court order is not obeying, you can request enforcement from the court. Our firm represents clients on either side of these important issues.

One tool we often use in our practice is family law mediation, which is generally required by the courts. Working cooperatively to resolve disputes can lead to healthier, more lasting results. But when it is necessary to take an issue to trial to protect your rights or safeguard your family, we are prepared to litigate aggressively to pursue a proper resolution.

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